Competition Brief

The Coega Development Corporation has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to assist in providing a design for a mixed-use residential and retail space. The residential units of various sizes are to accommodate the need for housing located within close proximity to the various areas where workers are employed, incurring minimal unnecessary costs for travel.

Your design proposal must redefine the market’s perceptions and expectations of housing in this category, providing a “real-world solution to a real-world problem.” Your solution must be regarded as the new innovative footprint for future developments of similar nature, the next evolutionary step in housing the masses.

The proposed site and structures located on it has no heritage impact and will allow for more flexibility within your design proposal.

Existing structures on the property are to be retained and the design proposal showing integration of these modular units and on their own, are required.

An understanding of the site context and location need to be carefully considered.

Unit sizing is to be in accordance with current standards used in the industry ranging from 12m² – 30m², allowing for future expansion to the modular unit types.

The roof of the extant structure may be lifted and or modified as required to accommodate your design solution.

Special attention must be paid to maximising space through the use of smart / multi-purpose / modular design solutions for both structures and furniture.

In terms of budget, your residential space needs to fit within the “affordable housing” category.

Brought to you by the PG BISON 1.618 EDUCATION INITIATIVE 2022 BRIEF – LIVING BIG With assistance from and thanks to Nathaniel Wakefield, Director, Batley Partners

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