1.618 wrap up for 2021

As the year draws to a close, we’re looking back on the 2021 PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative competition, themed “Towards a world connected”. 

Social spaces in the new normal

Lian Markham, Communications Manager at PG Bison, said, “Our 2021 competition theme was entitled, “Towards a world connected” and this pandemic has surely magnified how true this is. We have all found ways to keep our work and home lives functioning. It’s our social spaces and interactions that have suffered the most. As human beings we need spaces in which to live out our lives.”

Addressing the 10 finalists, she added, “The brief you addressed aimed to create such a space, where people can come together. Those of you who made it to the top 10 showed us how spaces can bring together tourism and the community. We look forward to seeing how you shape, mould and create the spaces of the future.”

Industry advice

Livia Coetzee-Stein, one of the judges this year, gave the address at the awards evening and shared this advice with the students:

“Our industry is a tough one to stand out in as there are so many talented designers and architects, each with their own distinct styles and approach to their work. We are seeing more South African designers winning international awards now than ever before. We are home to incredible design talent. 

“I want you to align to this exact approach to your young careers. Remain true to your style and your authentic self. Push your boundaries and don’t stop until you are proud to put your name on your work. 

“Always lean on your seniors, and those who have a vast amount of experience under their belt. Our industry is forever evolving and forever shifting in line with trends and the end user’s needs. We simply can’t master this industry overnight, or ever. As trends and behaviours change, so does design. Listen, learn and research -there is a world out there that will always inspire ideas, and drive new thinking. Don’t design for design’s sake; create designs with depth; tell a story through design and push creative big ideas.”

Supporting young talent

Justin Berry, Sales & Marketing Executive at PG Bison, said that at PG Bison, nothing is more important than the future. “And nothing will make a bigger difference to the future of our own business, or our industry, or indeed the whole country, than the young talent that will shape it,” he said. 

“We believe that it’s when times are hard that we must put even more effort and support behind our youth, to give them their very best chance. Of course, we hope that it will inspire them to become ambassadors for our products, our services and our brand in the future. But even more importantly, these are the men and women who will create the environments and spaces in which we will live, work and play in the years to come. This idea is at very heart of the PG Bison brand; our overarching purpose is to inspire and enable beautiful spaces. Because it is in beautiful spaces that people are happiest, where they work best, where they connect more meaningfully and where they can thrive. 

“To us at PG Bison, it’s not only about first-class quality boards or wood panel and décor products – it’s about what they bring to the world in which we live, when considered thoughtfully, used carefully and responsibly, and designed beautifully.”

Watch the highlights reel: