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1.618 Education Initiative

The PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative is now in its 28th year and was created to recognise the future interior and industrial designers, architects and key decision makers in the South African design industry.

In this time, it has come to be known not only for the prestige it offers its winners, but also for the tradition-defying competition brief given to the students each year.

The competition, which culminates in an awards ceremony each year, has established itself as an integral part of the syllabus at the majority of design and architecture institutions across the country.

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Design metamorphosis
for the modern city

Ordinarily these

qualities cannot be measured,

but the golden mean can be found

in many historical buildings and

works of art, as well as in the natural world.

2020 competition brief

Growing up in a digital age with instant access to information, younger generations are accustomed to immediacy. But that doesn’t mean impulse-shopping.

Many brands are facing a “new normal,” as younger people focus on accumulating experiences over possessions. The ability to post an experience and gain recognition on social media outweighs the need to own something.

A “pay-as-you-go” mindset has moved young consumers from buying and owning things, like CD’s, to subscribing instead to services, like online music libraries. And these behaviour traits are permeating older generations too. 

Younger consumers expect brands to align with their own values and passions. They spend time online researching the benefits of products, and their impact on the environment, using peer reviews and opinions as a valuable source of information, before making a decision. Shopping is seen as a social activity rather than a chore. It is about the user experience and time spent with friends, more than about the product.

Brands must focus on and anticipate these customer needs if they are to survive into the future, especially considering young people will grow to represent more of the market.

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1St Prize

R50 000 cash prize  

R50 000 each for the winning student and lecturer.

2nd Prize

R25 000 cash prize

R25 000 for the runner-up.

3rd Prize

R10 000 cash prize

R10 000 for the second runner-up.

The remaining seven Top Ten Finalists will each receive a R2000 cash prize.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Judging Panel

Phill Mashabane
Mashabane Rose Associates
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Livia Coetzee-Stein
DHQ Interior Brand Architects
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Dale Friedman
Paragon Interface
View Profile
Mardre Meyer
Source Interior Brand Achitects
View Profile
Henk Marais
Connect Architects
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