2018 Brief

Design metamorphosis for the modern city


As the world moves ever faster toward renewable energies and sustainable innovation, it leaves the fossil fuel era behind with much of its landmark architecture derelict and abandoned. The historic Johannesburg Gas Works once supplied the gold mines with gas, a part of Johannesburg’s legacy, but today is merely a structure reminding of an industry that no longer represents the city.

Once a monument to the Zeitgeist of Johannesburg, today this historic building is to be re-developed, incorporating the new thinking behind a modern city and converting it into a beacon that encourages community interaction, historic architectural preservation, environmental awareness and healthy living.


1st Prize: A trip of a lifetime for the winning student, accompanied by the student’s lecturer, to the 2018 FURNITURE FAIR in Milan, Italy. It includes return air tickets, accommodation, entry to the fair, a digital camera and a contribution to daily expenses.

2nd Prize: A trip for the second prize winner to the 2018 DESIGN INDABA in Cape Town. It includes a return air ticket, accommodation, car hire, entry to the conference and expo, and a contribution to daily expenses. The second-place winner will also receive a R3000 cash prize.

3rd Prize: A R10 000 cash prize.

The remaining seven Top Ten Finalists will each receive a R2000 cash prize.

No prizes are exchangeable for cash. Terms and Conditions apply.

The Trophy

The PG Bison 1.618 trophy was designed by Brian Steinhobel whose achievements are legendary both in South Africa and around the world. It is a floating trophy, with each winner’s name engraved on its pedestal. The winner takes home a miniature keep-sake version of the Steinhobel trophy valued at R10 000.

The trophy was designed as a representation of the ‘idea’ or ‘moment of creativity’ that led to winning the award. Like all good ideas these are often fleeting, slippery, move quickly and change shape like mercury - hence the shape and colour of the award.


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